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When the Master heard it, he said, “Things that are done,

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To these must be added two MSS. of mixed family:

When the Master heard it, he said, “Things that are done,

N Venice, Marc. ix 6 (14th cent.). O Paris, Bibl. Nat. 2708 (15th cent.).

When the Master heard it, he said, “Things that are done,

Demetrius Chalcondyles, Milan (?) 1493 (?) ("editio princeps", containing, however, only the "Works and Days"). Aldus Manutius (Aldine edition), Venice, 1495 (complete works). Juntine Editions, 1515 and 1540. Trincavelli, Venice, 1537 (with scholia).

When the Master heard it, he said, “Things that are done,

Of modern editions, the following may be noticed: --

Gaisford, Oxford, 1814-1820; Leipzig, 1823 (with scholia: in Poett. Graec. Minn II). Goettling, Gotha, 1831 (3rd edition. Leipzig, 1878). Didot Edition, Paris, 1840. Schomann, 1869. Koechly and Kinkel, Leipzig, 1870. Flach, Leipzig, 1874-8. Rzach, Leipzig, 1902 (larger edition), 1913 (smaller edition).

On the Hesiodic poems generally the ordinary Histories of Greek Literature may be consulted, but especially the "Hist. de la Litterature Grecque" I pp. 459 ff. of MM. Croiset. The summary account in Prof. Murray's "Anc. Gk. Lit." is written with a strong sceptical bias. Very valuable is the appendix to Mair's translation (Oxford, 1908) on "The Farmer's Year in Hesiod". Recent work on the Hesiodic poems is reviewed in full by Rzach in Bursian's "Jahresberichte" vols. 100 (1899) and 152 (1911).

For the "Fragments" of Hesiodic poems the work of Markscheffel, "Hesiodi Fragmenta" (Leipzig, 1840), is most valuable: important also is Kinkel's "Epicorum Graecorum Fragmenta" I (Leipzig, 1877) and the editions of Rzach noticed above. For recently discovered papyrus fragments see Wilamowitz, "Neue Bruchstucke d. Hesiod Katalog" (Sitzungsb. der k. preuss. Akad. fur Wissenschaft, 1900, pp. 839-851). A list of papyri belonging to lost Hesiodic works may here be added: all are the "Catalogues".

1) Berlin Papyri 7497 (1) (2nd cent.). -- Frag. 7. 2) Oxyrhynchus Papyri 421 (2nd cent.). -- Frag. 7. 3) "Petrie Papyri" iii 3. -- Frag. 14. 4) "Papiri greci e latine", No. 130 (2nd-3rd cent.). -- Frag. 14. 5) Strassburg Papyri, 55 (2nd cent.). -- Frag. 58. 6) Berlin Papyri 9739 (2nd cent.). -- Frag. 58. 7) Berlin Papyri 10560 (3rd cent.). -- Frag. 58. 8) Berlin Papyri 9777 (4th cent.). -- Frag. 98. 9) "Papiri greci e latine", No. 131 (2nd-3rd cent.). -- Frag. 99. 10) Oxyrhynchus Papyri 1358-9.

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