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a screen at his gate. The princes of States on any friendly

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A Paris, Bibl. Nat. 2763. At Athos, Vatopedi 587. B Paris, Bibl. Nat. 2765. C Paris, Bibl. Nat. 2833. Brussels, Bibl. Royale 11377-11380 (16th cent.). D Milan, Amrbos. B 98 sup. E Modena, Estense iii E 11. G Rome, Vatican, Regina 91 (16th cent.). H London, British Mus. Harley 1752. J Modena, Estense, ii B 14. K Florence, Laur. 31, 32. L Florence, Laur. 32, 45. L2 Florence, Laur. 70, 35. L3 Florence, Laur. 32, 4. M Leyden (the Moscow MS.) 33 H (14th cent.). Mon. Munich, Royal Lib. 333 c. N Leyden, 74 c. O Milan, Ambros. C 10 inf. P Rome, Vatican Pal. graec. 179. Paris, Bibl. Nat. Suppl. graec. 1095. Q Milan, Ambros. S 31 sup. R1 Florence, Bibl. Riccard. 53 K ii 13. R2 Florence, Bibl. Riccard. 52 K ii 14. S Rome, Vatican, Vaticani graec. 1880. T Madrid, Public Library 24. V Venice, Marc. 456.

a screen at his gate. The princes of States on any friendly

The same scholar has traced all the MSS. back to a common parent from which three main families are derived (M had a separate descent and is not included in any family): --

a screen at his gate. The princes of States on any friendly

x1 = E,T x2 = L,,(and more remotely) At,D,S,H,J,K. y = E,L,,T (marginal readings). p = A,B,C,,G,L2,L3,N,O,P,Q,R1,R2,V,Mon.

a screen at his gate. The princes of States on any friendly

Editions of the Homeric Hymns, & c.: --

Demetrius Chalcondyles, Florence, 1488 (with the "Epigrams" and the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice" in the "ed. pr." of Homer). Aldine Edition, Venice, 1504. Juntine Edition, 1537. Stephanus, Paris, 1566 and 1588.

More modern editions or critical works of value are:

Martin (Variarum Lectionum libb. iv), Paris, 1605. Barnes, Cambridge, 1711. Ruhnken, Leyden, 1782 (Epist. Crit. and "Hymn to Demeter"). Ilgen, Halle, 1796 (with "Epigrams" and the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice"). Matthiae, Leipzig, 1806 (with the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice"). Hermann, Berling, 1806 (with "Epigrams"). Franke, Leipzig, 1828 (with "Epigrams" and the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice"). Dindorff (Didot edition), Paris, 1837. Baumeister ("Battle of the Frogs and Mice"), Gottingen, 1852. Baumeister ("Hymns"), Leipzig, 1860. Gemoll, Leipzig, 1886. Goodwin, Oxford, 1893. Ludwich ("Battle of the Frogs and Mice"), 1896. Allen and Sikes, London, 1904. Allen (Homeri Opera v), Oxford, 1912.

Of these editions that of Messrs Allen and Sikes is by far the best: not only is the text purged of the load of conjectures for which the frequent obscurities of the Hymns offer a special opening, but the Introduction and the Notes throughout are of the highest value. For a full discussion of the MSS. and textual problems, reference must be made to this edition, as also to Dr. T.W. Allen's series of articles in the "Journal of Hellenic Studies" vols. xv ff. Among translations those of J. Edgar (Edinburgh), 1891) and of Andrew Lang (London, 1899) may be mentioned.

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